Lec # Topics key dates
1 Introduction
2 Adleman and his Techniques
3 Self-assembly for Fun and Profit Abstract-less paper for writing assignment 1 out
4 More Self-assembly - Any Logic to it?
5 Self-assembly - The Way of a Million Wires? Sample abstract (writing assignment 1) due
6 Nanodevices
7 Quorum Sensing - Keeping an Eye on Your Neighbor
8 The World's Smallest Biological Computational Device Writing assignment 2 due
9 Engineered and Naturally-occurring Molecular Switches Edited drafts for writing assignment 2 handed back to students
10 Ciliates - Do They Compute?

Final draft of writing assignment 2 due

Students select papers for final oral presenation assignment

11 Molecular Gates and Circuits
12 Student Presentations
13 Bridging the Gap - From Building Networks to Deciphering Networks