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Shigeru Miyagawa (Lecture #1 & 2: Personal Media and Starfestival) Reading List

"Identities Blur for 'Third-Culture Kids,'" Ed. Week May 9, 2001.

Third-culture kids are a growing legion of students who spent some or all of their childhood years in a country other than the place of their citizenship. They typically grow up with one foot in each culture, without ever feeling completely at home in either.

'Map of the Future.' While growing up as a third-culture kid can be confusing, TCKs are also described as uniquely suited for life in today's increasingly global society. Third-culture kids typically feel comfortable as outsiders and see themselves as global citizens.

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Bonnie Bracey (Lecture #4: Media, Education, and Technology) Reading List

"Key Building Blocks for Student chievement in the 21st Century"

Education technology can, and must, help students achieve the higher levels of education and skills required in the 21st century workplace, argues the CEO Forum in its latest education technology and readiness report. Recommendations include making the development of 21st century skills a key educational goal, aligning student assessment with education objectives, adopting continuous improvement strategies, increasing investment in research, development and dissemination, and ensuring equitable access to technology for all students.

Online Content for Low-Income and Underserved Americans: The Digital Divide's New Frontier
Wendy Lazarus and Francisco Mora, The Children's Partnership, March 2000

The World at Your Fingertips, Jan Hawkins
Look for this article in The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Technology and the New Professional Teacher: Preparing for the 21st Centry Classroom

"Six challenges for educational technology (PDF)"
Dede, C. (in press). Six challenges for educational technology. An extendedversion of this draft paper will appear in the 1998 ASCD Yearbook.

"Teaching in the Digital Age" The George Lucas Educational Foundation