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This page features study resources, useful links, and other interesting media literacy Web sites.

The New Media Literacies Project

In the Mix - Lesson Plan: Exploring Media Messages

Howard Rheingold's Participatory Media Literacy
(Rheingold's site for his course on participatory media literacy, including resources and links.)

Danah Boyd's "Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace"
(An unedited crib of Boyd's lecture on MySpace.)

Media Literacy Clearinghouse

Futurelab: Research

Danah Boyd: Apophenia
(Blog of social technology researcher Danah Boyd.)

For Teachers New to Wikis

Reading at Risk (PDF)
(NEA survey on reading in America.)

Using technology in teaching and learning: Resources to help you navigate a digital world

The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism
(When we discuss authorship, borrowing, plagiarizing, etc., what do we assume? This is a great essay that points out that literary authors have been "borrowing" for quite a long time.)

A New Literacies Sampler

Usability in Game Design Course, Fall 2007 version (Kathleen Harmeyer, University of Baltimore)

Alliance for a Media Literate America
(A clearinghouse for media literacy research, connections, information, data. One of the more professional organizations out there.)

Media Literacy Education (PDF) (Courtesy of the Alliance for a Media Literate America. Used with permission.)

Peanut Butter Wiki
(A great site for building a quick-and-easy wiki!)

NCTE's Resolution on Composing with Nonprint Media
(The National Council of Teachers of English wrote a resolution regarding the process of composing with nonprint media. View the statement here.)