Introduction to course

What do we mean by "globalization"?

2 Discuss: Chanda and Sen Work on Response Paper 1
3 What difference does language make? Why did Latin disappear? What is "the spell of Arabic"? Who is Abd Al-Rahman and should we care? Response Paper 1 due
4 How and why have certain musical instruments traveled to and been adapted by cultures around the globe?  
5 Issues of authenticity and cultural imperialism in global pop Work on Response Paper 2

Prepare for outing: Group Saloum

Discuss: Chanda, chapters 3 & 4

Response Paper 2 due

Begin working on Essay 1

Concert, Group Saloum

7 Guest Lecture: Jane Dunphy, "The Art of Presenting Information." First version of Essay 1 due
8 Discuss: "Gogol" and Chanda First version of Essay 1 returned
9 Guest Lecture: Wayne Marshall, Mellon Fellow.

Work on essay revisions

Film, Mississippi Masala

10 Discuss: Chamoiseau

Response to Mississippi Masala due

Final version of Essay 1 due


Guest Lecture: Mark Szarko, Humanities Librarian, "Research Tools."

Discuss: finish Chamoiseau

Work on Response Paper 3
12 Discuss: Alvarez Response Paper 3 due

Activity: examine the relationship of focus languages to English, English-only movements.

Discuss: finish Alvarez

Begin working on Essay 2
14 Outing to Asian food court Continue working on Essay 2
15 Activity: compare hybrid foods in the focus cultures, American hybrid cuisine. First version of Essay 2 due
16 Guest Lecture: Ian Condry, "Anime." Generate project ideas
17 Technology and education, One Laptop Per Child Discuss project ideas
18 Discuss: Liu Sola Final version of Essay 2 due

Activity: compare global music in focus cultures.

Discuss: Liu Sola

Work on Response Paper 4

Project teams announced

20 Discuss: Global Woman selections Response Paper 4 due

Discuss: Global Woman selections, gender and globalization, women as sex workers

Group presentation memo due

Work on presentations

22 Guest Lecture: Rachel Glennerster, Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, "Globalization and the Academy." Work on presentations, Essay 3
23 Presentations  
24 Presentations (cont.)  
25 Overview of course/global citizenship Essay 3 due