In addition to the final term paper and midterm exam, this course requires eight response papers to readings, which are due Monday of the week of class (printed or by email).

1 Introduction: Personal and Collective Experiences in Modern China
2 Qing China, 1644-1911
3 Decline of the Qing; Rise of Nationalism
4 The Republic of China, 1911-1949
5 Origins and Development of the Chinese Communist Party
6 The People's Republic: From Great Leap Forward to Cultural Revolution
7 Midterm Exam
8 From the Cultural Revolution to the Reform Period
9 Tiananmen and After Viewing: Tiananmen: The Gate and the Square Web site.

Viewing of film: The Gate of Heavenly Peace in class.
10 Family Problems in Village Taiwan
11 Women's Issues in the PRC in the 1980s
12 Communist Cadres in the Reform Period Final paper due
13 Current Issues: Environment, the Development of the West, and Foreigners