Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session

The class format for Introduction to Fiction - a HASS Communication - Intensive subject - is group discussion with informal lectures by the instructor. In addition to the four papers assigned (5-6 pages each, totaling at least 20 pages, with topics to be discussed in class), every student is required to present a talk in class (ca. 12 min.) on an assigned work on its assigned date. The talk should help stimulate a discussion, through arguments and questions. Papers and talks are conceived as exercises in literary interpretation through close analysis; they should be focused on specific passages from the text under consideration. The final grade will be based on the following percentages: papers 80%; classroom participation (including presentation): 20%. Unexcused absence from class will result in a lowering of the final grade.

Writing Conferences with Tutor

Students are required to meet at least once with the tutor prior to the first paper due date and to meet with the tutor for assistance on the revision for the third paper. You are encouraged to have a conference before each assignment, however. Plan to meet with the tutor either before drafting your first paper or with time to revise after the conference. Conferences will last up to 30 minutes, if you arrive on time. Please notify the tutor if you need to cancel an appointment; email is best.

Please also take note of MIT's statement on plagiarism.