This page contains suggested readings for the assignments in Part I, and the problem sets for Part II of this course. The assignments for Part I are not available. Note that Part I materials are as taught the previous year.

Part I
Assignment 1 readings

Vlachos, D., L. Schmidt, et al. "Structures of Small Metal Clusters. I. Low Temperature Behavior." Journal of Chemical Physics 96, no. 9 (1992): 6880–90.

Sanchez, J., et al. "Modeling of γ/γ′ Phase Equilibrium in the Nickel-Aluminum System." Acta Metallurgica 32, no. 9 (1984): 1519–25.

Assignment 2 readings

Sen, D., and M. Buehler. "Chemical Complexity in Mechanical Deformation of Metals." International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering 5, no. 3 and 4 (2007): 181–202.

Buehler, M., et al. "Multi-Paradigm Modeling of Fracture of a Silicon Single Crystal Under Mode II Shear Loading." Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology 2, no. 2 (2008): 203–21.

Buehler, M., et al. "Multiparadigm Modeling of Dynamical Crack Propagation in Silicon Using a Reactive Force Field." Physical Review Letters 96, no. 9 (2006).

Buehler, M., et al. "Threshold Crack Speed Controls Dynamical Fracture of Silicon Single Crystals." Physical Review Letters 99, no. 16 (2007).

Assignment 3 readings

Gautieri, A., et al. "Hierarchical Structure and Nanomechanics of Collagen Microfibrils from the Atomistic Scale Up." Nano Letters 11, no. 2 (2011): 757–66.

Qin, Z., et al. "Hierarchical Structure Controls Nanomechanical Properties of Vimentin Intermediate Filaments." PLOS ONE 4, no. 10 (2009).

Part II
Assignment 4 (PDF)  
Assignment 5 (PDF)

Fuel 1: (XYZ), (XYZ)

Fuel 2: (XYZ), (XYZ)

Solar spectrum data: thesun.xlsx (XLS), (PDF)

Assignment 6 (PDF)