Day 1

Lec #1: What is evaluation?
Rachel Glennerster, J-PAL

Lec #2: Outcomes, indicators, and measuring impact
Rema Hanna, Harvard University

Case 1: Women as policy makers. Group discussion Ses #1: Choose topics for presentation, theory of change  
Day 2

Lec #3: Impact evaluation—why randomize?
Dan Levy, Harvard University

Lec #4: How to randomize Rachel Glennerster, J-PAL

Case 2: Learn to read evaluations. Group discussion

Case 3: Extra teacher program. Group discussion

Ses #2: Theory of change

Ses #3: Evaluation design

Exercise 1: Random sampling and law of large numbers
Day 3

Lec #5: Sampling and sample size
Simone Schaner, Dartmouth college

Lec #6: Analysis and inference Shawn Cole, Harvard University

Case 4: Deworming in Kenya. Group discussion Ses #4: Evaluation design, power calculations Exercise 2: Sample size estimation
Day 4

Lec #7: Randomized evaluation: start to finish
Nava Ashraf, Harvard University

Lec #8: Cost effectiveness and scaling up
Iqbal Dhaliwal, J-PAL


Ses #5: Power calculations

Ses #6: Potential challenges

Exercise 3: Mechanics of randomization
Day 5
Course wrap up
Rachel Glennerster, J-PAL

Ses #7: Finalize presentations

Final group presentations